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Molded parts for Tennirobo's "head"

This month TenniRobo got two important updates, and today I'm very excited to show you the first update - "head" now consists of molded plastic parts. Here is an example of 3D printed part and molded. Are you able to find the difference? :-)

Why is it so important?

Before this day, all my prototypes have been made with 3D printed plastic parts. It's ok for prototypes, but I didn't want to ship robots with these parts to another countries, because there are some chances that these parts would be broken under some conditions (it's a pain of 3D printing technology - bad adhesion between layers can reduce strength of final part). Molded parts are free for this problem, so they are more strength, and I can be confident that they won't be broken in final product.
Also, molded parts can be manufactured much more quiclky, than with 3D printing technology. It means, that I can manufacture more robots for you, dear Tennirobo potential users.
Finally, it just looks better, isn't it?

P.S. I know few people now are waiting for ready robots, so I have to say few words to them. Firstly, I apologize for some delay (I expected your robots could be ready at the middle of August), but I hope you agree with me that would be much better to made your robots with molded parts. And secondly (before your next questions) -  please wait my next post, I'm going to make it in few days. It will be about second important update for Tennirobo, I hope you will like it :-)