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Hey, how about some ping-pong!?

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TenniRobo - custom drills/programs

We have made cool video about playing with TenniRobo using programs.
Our main goal was to create REALISTIC balls - as human makes in real game. In this video you'll see:
1) serve with back spin - top spin to right zone near player - top spin to central zone near player
2) balls with back spin to 3 different zones
3) balls with top spin to 3 different zones with 60 balls/minute temp

For English please turn on subtitles.

Short demo of top spin to back spin shots (series)

Yesterday we made video about real training process with the #TenniRobo. I need some time to prepare this material, but for the moment here's a very short video from yesterday.

The first 3 TenniRobo are going to be testing by their new owners

There are several people who have been in touch with me for a very long time during the process of development, so I believe they deserve to be the first testers of TenniRobo. The first few robots are ready and waiting to be sent to their new owners.

We are testing TenniRobo at our club now

Great news!
The first robot is testing now in our local table tennis club. It's fantastic!

Want to know more? See this video