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Exact ball speed and spin - the new unique feature of TenniRobo!

Have you ever thought about the speed of a ball in table tennis?  The table tennis is one of the fastest ball games you will ever play. Well-trained athletes can make a truly rocket speed pitches. But how fast they can be? This question bothered me a lot, thus a couple weeks ago I even posted a video on this topic on my Youtube channel:

I am proud to tell you, that with the last app update you are able to select the exact speed and spin for every ball - the unique feature which any other robot doesn't have! The maximum speed of a smash ball from TenniRobo is about 90kph (56mph). The maximum spin is more than fantastic 20000rmp! Why do we need this feature? Right now it's easy to measure your progress with digits! For example, if in this month you can handle 10% faster shots than in the previous - you are growing. But can you handle the same drill with 15% higher pace? This achievement will definitely please your coach!

If you are able to create shots with the required speed an…

Happy New Year 2019!

Dear friends!
I would like to congratulate you with New Year 2019!
All we love table tennis, and I wish you to significantly improve your skills and take only the first place in your championships this year.  Who knows, maybe very soon someone of you will replace the "number one" in the world ranking of table tennis :-)
From my side, I will improve TenniRobo next year, I would like it will help you to achieve this goal. I suppose soon we will get IOS app, random programs generation, ... and many other new features.

I really appreciate for feedback from current TenniRobo users, your support and advice are very helpful. I'm continuing to work with the robot, and I will post info about a new feature soon. Do you want to know which? Ask yourself - how fast your balls fly, and how fast the balls fly from the best table tennis players? Are you able to serve these fast balls? TennirRobo is going to help you with the answer!  More info in the next update...
Happy New Year 2019!

TenniRobo has been graduated from YC Startup school 2018

In August 2018 Tennirobo was selected to attend the Startup School program from Y Combinator (advisor track with real mentors from YC). A few days ago the last office hours were held, and now I'm proud to be graduated - here is the link to our company at SUS website 
These 2 months were very special - not only because I was able to get useful advice from mentors, but also due an opportunity to communicate with other startups from the whole world.
Thank you, guys!

My interview about the development of TenniRobo: from the initial idea to the present day

Hey guys!
Recently I had an interview with Davis Baer, the co-founder of OneUp and, also, a Hacker Noon writer. If you find the TenniRobo project interesting, then probably you may like this conversation as well. We were talking with Davis about how I started working on the robot and what motivated me the most, about how the project is doing at the moment and what are my plans for the future.

Extract: As a table tennis player, I thought that a robot that ‘knows’ how to serve balls like a coach would be a good option in this situation. But as the research has shown the actually good robots are too complex and too expensive, and the cheap ones do not have the necessary functions. Moreover, even the expensive machines are often unable to provide “human-like” ball behavior. So, suddenly, it became clear that many table tennis players have the same problem of choice.
In a few months, the first primitive but working prototype was ready to use. Apparently, the local community was captivated …

TenniRobo - how to create single shot

It’s time to get a little bit closer to the continuous and effective drills with TenniRobo! The latest video tutorial shows how easily you can set up a single shot via the dedicated application on your smartphone. Just take a look! The accuracy of a robot is quite impressive, isn’t it?

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Let's get started with TenniRobo tutorials

Dear friends,
I want to announce the release of a series of video tutorials on the basics of TenniRobo control. These small instructions should answer all possible questions that may arise while you’ll be turning your robot into a personal sparring partner. Short and informative - that’s what I wanted them to be, and I truly hope I’ve succeeded.

We’ll cover technical questions related to both the mechanics of the robot and the features of TenniRobo application. Also, I’d like to note that it's quite easy to figure everything out by trial and error. But these video-hints will definitely save your time, and I strongly recommend you to pay some attention to them.

The first three lessons are already on the YouTube!
1) How to get started with TenniRobo 2) How to connect the Bluetooth 3) How to setup ball’s parameters Subscribe and watch out for updates!

TenniRobo 180 vs 100 balls versions - comparison for custom drill

It’s time for me to explain in more details the reasons, why I think the extension of a basket is so important for the robot. As you probably remember, some people already use robots from my first batch, and I carefully analyze their feedback. Almost all of them said that they really want to have a bigger basket for balls.

You probably agree, that when you are trying to bring to perfection some technical element – each additional ball matters a lot. But it’s even more frustrating when the element just starts to work out (you've been going to this for so long!) and the basket suddenly appears to be empty.

Obviously, you have to stop and then start again, which results in loss of pace. I know that there are some compact robots on the market with the baskets that contain no more than 30 balls. Maybe it would be enough for somebody, but I can not imagine effective training with such kind of equipment.

Let’s make some calculations! In an ordinary game, even an amateur player takes abo…