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"Live mode" for drills - the app update in July with new useful features

I love summer! Warm weather, sands near a river, swimming... Usually, in July I spend a few weeks near Dnipro river in Ukraine. It's a great time for working with software updates because I am not able to test new TenniRobo features on the table here, but I have a laptop. As a result, I've just released the new update for TenniRobo mobile app, and I want to tell you about its new features.
"Live mode" for drills Before this update, TenniRobo had only one method of running drills - from its memory.  To apply any changes user had to load the whole drill into the robot's memory and start it. Despite the fact that this function is really useful when you are playing with a disconnected robot, it was not very handy for creating new drills. 
Now you can run your drills just from the drill edit page (the Start/Stop button on the left bottom corner). Even more, when the robot is shooting, you can see which shot is going to be done next. You can edit any shot and robot wi…

Extremely spin serves with Tennirobo (corkscrew)

This weekend I took participation at our local tournament and I couldn't win the game with my opponent. Very sad news :-), isn't it?
Do you know why I lost? Because his serves had really strong spin. I just didn't know what I should do with it. But I have got my own Tennirobo (hehe...) - it is able to simulate any serves, and I'm definitely must use this ability to train myself. I hope the next time I will be ready for a fight!

As you probably understood, I want to share a new video about Tennirobo serves. This video is total experimentation with different types of spin, it shows all possible back and side spin serves. While my robot was shooting, I was changing shot settings. The result is below, enjoy!