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My interview about the development of TenniRobo: from the initial idea to the present day

Hey guys!
Recently I had an interview with Davis Baer, the co-founder of OneUp and, also, a Hacker Noon writer. If you find the TenniRobo project interesting, then probably you may like this conversation as well. We were talking with Davis about how I started working on the robot and what motivated me the most, about how the project is doing at the moment and what are my plans for the future.

Extract: As a table tennis player, I thought that a robot that ‘knows’ how to serve balls like a coach would be a good option in this situation. But as the research has shown the actually good robots are too complex and too expensive, and the cheap ones do not have the necessary functions. Moreover, even the expensive machines are often unable to provide “human-like” ball behavior. So, suddenly, it became clear that many table tennis players have the same problem of choice.
In a few months, the first primitive but working prototype was ready to use. Apparently, the local community was captivated …

TenniRobo - how to create single shot

It’s time to get a little bit closer to the continuous and effective drills with TenniRobo! The latest video tutorial shows how easily you can set up a single shot via the dedicated application on your smartphone. Just take a look! The accuracy of a robot is quite impressive, isn’t it?

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